Does Comcast really care?

So a couple of strange things happened today. First of all I had a comcast technician out again, and was griping about it on this blog. As you may have seen, I have griped about Comcast before, and a few people have commented about similar issues. What has never happened before, is that I got a response from Comcast.

I also noticed my twitter feed was being picked up by someone called Frank whose username was comcastcares. Interesting, perhaps Comcast has started trying to solve customer issues when they blog about them. Thats a clever approach, the oil goes to the squeeky wheel, and in the age of blogging, the impact of being a dissatisfied customer and a blogger can have negative impacts…

A bit of research has found this link explaining what Comcast is up to. I wonder if it will catch on with other companies.

Perhaps by posting a blog entry about being underpaid I will get a raise – now there is an idea…

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    August 20, 2008 @ 3:51 pm

    […] a while ago I mentioned that I had been contacted by a comcast rep because of my gripes on this blog. Well, I had 2 individuals contact me, the second of which had a very senior sounding […]

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