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From gangs to cell phones, 750 new laws come to California

My local paper is listing the new laws that come into effect tonight. A few of my favorites are:

* Pets: Domestic violence victims can now protect their pets by including them in a restraining order.
* Rock bands: Is that really the Drifters jamming on stage — or an impostor? A new law makes it easier to punish bands who deceptively impersonate other groups.
* Kangaroos: Soccer players will have an easier time buying shoes made from kangaroo leather. Until now, kangaroo products could not be sold in California.

And of course SB 719 comes into affect:

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Happy Christmas Everyone!

All, my lovely wife and I have had a hectic few weeks since we returned from our galavanting around the world.

My dad is here from the UK, and the holiday season has been keeping me away from having some time to organize my thoughts.

A good time has been had by all, and we are looking forward to ringing in the New Year this evening!


Australia/New Zealand 2007: An expose on tour guides

Hi there. The Lovely Wife here with my first blog post. I’ve heard a lot about this blog and decided to finally contribute something to it given that my name may have come up a few times in passing.

As you may have read previously, my hubby and I have just completed a whirlwind 3-week trip to Eastern Australia and the South island of New Zealand. After lots of discussion, analysis and jokes about the quality of our various tours we took I volunteered to sum up our impressions of the fearless, and sometimes surreal, personas that have braved the waters of the tour guide world. It can be a harsh world out there and everyone is a critic so hold on to your hats cause we aren’t short on opinions around here!

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Milford Sound

This was another one of those places that only described by pictures. It was a bitter sweet experience as it was to be our last excurson, but all in all it was a fine way to end our sight seeing of New Zealand.200712092141

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