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St Andrews Lutheran Church, Brisbane

I attend St Andrews Lutheran Church, Stockton. Our hotel in Brisbane is right next to the Brisbane variant!



Jesus All About Life Racing

The Aussies are sport mad, and whilst we were flicking through the sports channels here in our hotel room, we came across Ute racing. A Ute or Utility Vehicle is a cross between a saloon car and a truck.

One of the teams caught my eye; It is called “Jesus, All About Life Racing” team. As a Christian, I think this is a great thing to see!


Coding Horror: Mort, Elvis, Einstein, and You

Coding Horror: Mort, Elvis, Einstein, and You:
Which coder do you think you are?
I think I am an Elvis, with Einstein tendencies.



You may have noticed these posts either come infrequently, or all at once. This is mainly due to my inability to get myself to pay for internet access when it costs $30 per hour. I wait until I find a free wifi connection, or have a lot of things to do on the internet. Anyway, sorry if it is slightly annoying 🙂