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Sunstar reader responds to my letter!

A reader of my local paper sent a reply to my letter to the editor. Kind a nice to have some vindication of my thoughts that Merced City Council (generally) is full of morons, who are just looking after their own and don’t give a rats ass about anybody else.


Letter to the editor

My letter to the editor regarding our city council has been published in my local paper. I feel almost as famous as my lovely wife now 🙂

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Tiredness can kill (good ideas)

It is widely accepted that if someone works long hours their productivy, effectiveness and mental agility drops substantially. This is most often seen with people who work 2 jobs.

A similar degredation is also be seen if someone is not getting the recomended 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

There are of course the exceptions to every rule, but Merced City Council last night proved to be no exception. When discussing the nomination to the planning council, it was suggested by John Carlisle to hold a candidates night where each applicant could talk briefly about their experience and qualifications for the post.

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California Air Resources Board comes to Merced to hear citizens

The California Air Resources Board is holding a public forum in Merced to hear citizens thoughts and concerns about the valleys air quality issues.

This is the only public meeting for the north valley, and it is very telling that Merced was chosen, so I encourage all local residents to attend to hear and provide viewpoints from a wide a cross section of our community as is possible.

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