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No Heroics

A new TV comedy series ala “The Incredibles” is coming to the British tv channel ITV. Hopefully it will land on BBC America at some point. In the mean time check out the trailer below. It has some strong language and innuendo, so be warned:

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Half Blood Prince trailer…

Oooh I can’t wait… Thanks to Nick for this one.


Jesus All About Life Racing

The Aussies are sport mad, and whilst we were flicking through the sports channels here in our hotel room, we came across Ute racing. A Ute or Utility Vehicle is a cross between a saloon car and a truck.

One of the teams caught my eye; It is called “Jesus, All About Life Racing” team. As a Christian, I think this is a great thing to see!


Mythbusters comes to Merced

Popular Discovery Channel show films in Merced:

The popular Discovery channel show Mythbusters comes to Merced to use Lake Yosemite as a location to try and jump an island ala James Bond. They were also at Castle airforce base a few weeks ago filming another story

Cool! First Indiana Jones is filming in the vicinity and now my favorite Discovery channel show!