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Jackson could still direct “The Hobbit”

According to reports there is still a chance Peter Jackson could direct the proposed prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I am of the opinion that not having him direct this would be a very bad idea, along the lines of having Michael Gambdon play Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies…


Comcast Where is TBS HD?

I only occasionally watch TBS. Now that it is the baseball playoffs, most of the games seem to be on TBS. I am being forced to watch in standard definition on my plasma. Not fun – I am too used to HD Baseball now. Comcast has rolled out TBS HD in some markets, but what about here in California.

I called Comcast, and the answer was: “TBS does not do HD yet”.

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Some People have way too much on the hands

I saw this on the fat penguin blog and had to share:

Give it a few moments to get going, but it is kinda funny…


What every office needs…


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