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Miracles happen

Last night I saw one of the scariest things in my life.

My lovely wife and I were travelling southbound on 99 last night. When we reached Livingston,at about the Winton overpass, I saw a car moving with massive speed and trailing smoke on coming north on the southbound side. I screamed to my lovely wife to watch out, and as she started breaking we watched the speeding car slide of of sight behind the overpass we were approaching, and then to our utter horror, we watched it as it was launched through the air over the overpass, landing hood first in the “triangle”, before rolling a couple of times before coming to a stop, about 150 ft away from the overpass.

This car had driven at great speed along the wrong side of the freeway, had gone up the grass embankment on the other side of the overpass paralell to the on ramp, missing vehicles entering the freeway, then it had flown over the overpass, missing those waiting in traffic.

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Deadly blast rocks Virgin Galactic rocket test

Engadget Reports – Deadly blast rocks Virgin Galactic rocket test:

“This week is quickly becoming a tough one for the aerospace industry, as just a day after NASA reported tampering on an ISS bound computer, an explosion at the Mojave Air and Space Port has claimed two lives and seriously injured four others. The blast reportedly occurred during a “test of a new rocket motor for SpaceShipTwo — a spaceship being built for Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson’s space tourism company.” According to a spokeswoman for the spaceport, the blast was “on a remote pad” at an airport home to Scaled Composite (which is the builder of the first private manned rocket to reach space), but the firm’s founder Burt Rutan wasn’t in attendance when the “cold fire test” went awry.” – Engadget

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Finding a wii is still touch and go, but the shortage peaks interest

Motley Fool reports that the wii shortage is boosting sales, whilst remaining sold out.

I agree with the guy that one of the reasons it attracted me was the fact that sales are continuing to be most impressive. This fact indicates to me that developers will be targeting this platform, especially if sales continue so well. If sales do indeed continue, the total units sold will surpass the Xbox 360’s 10 million mark possibly as early as september.

The wii needs some killer titles for me I am looking forward to Rafa Nadal Tennis, Tiger Woods 08, Madden 08, and of course Fifa Soccer 2008. (Can you tell I am a sports fan?)


State Senator Dean Florez makes bad joke about Ray Appleton

I just heard Dean Florez make a bad joke about the conservative talk radio host Ray Appleton.

Whilst discussing radio coverage of womens sporting events, a senator (not Florez) mentioned that the current host on the station that covers Fresno State womens sporting events has a morning talk show that is degrading to women; The show apparantly talks only about “marrying”, “killing” and dating women. Florez, who I believe was chairing this commitee, jibed “Was this the Ray Appleton show?”.

I happen to like Florez and I listen to Ray Appleton – whom I would describe as on of the most upstanding and respectable radio hosts I know…

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