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Scary Thunderstorm

So did anyone else notice a HUGE thunderstorm roll through the central valley last night?

Wow. That was one of the most violent storms I have ever seen, like something from the mid west. Lightening streaking across the sky horizontally, and vertically every few seconds, and the rain! Wow, I did not know it could rain like that in the valley.

My poor dog was stuck outside for a little while, and boy was he pleased to see me when I got back to the house.

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Nerdy News

Do you use social bookmarking website such as

Do you wish you could share in the massive revenue that such sites generate through advertising?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then I reccomend that you check out Nerdy News (

This is a new enterprise I am working on that gives registered users a share of the ad revenue. Basically, it is created in partnership with Google, and allows the user to register with Nerdy News, and google’s adsense (a web advertising service) in one step. If you already have an adsense account, then you can just link your account to your account.

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Web site redirect for small town mayoral candidates

Unknown person pulls Wooten-Osorio site switcheroo:

Mayor Ellie Wooten fell victim to cyber sabotage Friday.

Ellie Wooten is the mayor of my little town, and it appears that she has incompetent or just lazy tech staff. Her website is “”, but her staff did not register the .com version.

Erm, thats a web 101 people. Anyway, somebody made the .com redirect to her opponent’s website. Nice… Of course, being a small town, each of the mayoral candidates started throwing mud 🙂 How very sad.

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Where was the geeky brit?

Busy, busy, busy. Sorry avid readers. I have been snowed under at work, and in many other ways. One of the ways is: Nerdy News.

Check it out, it is a project I have helped one of my pals with. You can earn money whilst reading and submitting news! Don’t tell me that isn’t cool!