Web site redirect for small town mayoral candidates

Unknown person pulls Wooten-Osorio site switcheroo:

Mayor Ellie Wooten fell victim to cyber sabotage Friday.

Ellie Wooten is the mayor of my little town, and it appears that she has incompetent or just lazy tech staff. Her website is “www.ellieformayor.org”, but her staff did not register the .com version.

Erm, thats a web 101 people. Anyway, somebody made the .com redirect to her opponent’s website. Nice… Of course, being a small town, each of the mayoral candidates started throwing mud 🙂 How very sad.

This is hilarious. Whoever was in charge of her web presence is probably feeling like an ass right now.

Who am I gonna vote for? Neither, they are both small town, small minded bafoons who have kept my little city back in the 1950’s.

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