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Beckham injury no real surprise

During the Superliga game last night David Beckham was injured. My lovely wife and I watched this happen live (on some Spanish channel). The knee injury may see him out of action for up to 6 weeks.

He was already playing with a recurring ankle injury, and this new injury is surely just compounding the problem that the new Beckham era has been experiencing. Namely that the hype and the playing time are not matching up.

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A Spidey suit please…

The BBC reports that a real life spider man suit should be possible.

This goes straight to the top of my Christmas list then.


Comcast FAQ made me laugh

Whilst looking for information about Tivo on Comcast’s website I came across this FAQ entry.

I propose we replace all tech support FAQ’s with just that answer 😉


Where are the reviews of Tiger Woods 2008 for Wii?

I have been looking for reviews of EA Sports’ Tiger Woods 2008 for the Wii which was meant to have been released yesterday.

I rented Tiger 07 over the weekend, and was very disappointed. I have always loved the Tiger Games – even if they release incremental updates year after year. The Wii, I had thought, would have been a perfect platform for a golf game. Unfortunately, the 2007 version was utterly annoying to play. It was painfully obvious that it was the PS2 port with (seemingly) a few shell scripts thrown underneath to capture the movement of the wiimote.

I was hoping a lot of my gripes would be fixed in the 2008 version, and if so I would buy it (I am desperate for a golf game). However, I have been unsuccessful in locating any reviews for this latest release.

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