Beckham injury no real surprise

During the Superliga game last night David Beckham was injured. My lovely wife and I watched this happen live (on some Spanish channel). The knee injury may see him out of action for up to 6 weeks.

He was already playing with a recurring ankle injury, and this new injury is surely just compounding the problem that the new Beckham era has been experiencing. Namely that the hype and the playing time are not matching up.

The injury should be no real surprise though. In a league or competiton where the quality of play is not as high, there do tend to be more injuries. I think this is especially true in Beckham’s case, as he will be a target for the defenders.

Last nights injury was caused by David and a Pachuca defender going for the same ball, with both of them reaching it at the same time. This type of collision is fairly common in soccer, and can be quite serious. Anyone remember Paul Gascoigne doing the same think and breaking his leg?

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