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San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District sucks

So today the Valley Air board members voted on an air staff proposal to postpone the central valleys attainment of clean air by 11 years. My lovely wife and I thought this to be a terrible idea, and so we rallied some family and friends to go to the public hearing and voice our concern. The overwhelming majority of citizen speakers expressed severe dissapointment at the lack of options the Valley Air staff have been instructed to offer the Air Board to vote on.

There are many news articles, and editorials available for some background reading: TV Channel 10, Merced SunStar,Modesto Bee

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20 Questions

So neural nets have long been talked about, but FINALLY there is a valid use for them (tic):

I am mightily impressed.

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Annoying XP Bug

So on my lovely wife’s lovely new Hp Laptop, there is a really annoying problem. 

A couple of weeks ago, she explained (she never complains) that the XP Luna theme kept disappearing.  Now some of you may think this to be an acceptable issue, as you never "graduated" from windows classic mode, but my wife is rather fond of the bubble gum theme. 

On investigation I found that the theme service had stopped running.  I changed the recovery options on that service to automatically restart if it ever failed, and that seemed to fix that problem… For a while

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CBS coming to Joost / BBC to open tv archive online

Two news items that caught my attention on the net recently.

CBS has signed a deal with Joost to make top current and classic programming available for free, to our viewers and the BBC is to open up its vast archive of video and audio in an on-demand trial.

People, mark my word.  With DVR’s and On-Demand programming, the way we watch TV has changed forever. 

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