Annoying XP Bug

So on my lovely wife’s lovely new Hp Laptop, there is a really annoying problem. 

A couple of weeks ago, she explained (she never complains) that the XP Luna theme kept disappearing.  Now some of you may think this to be an acceptable issue, as you never "graduated" from windows classic mode, but my wife is rather fond of the bubble gum theme. 

On investigation I found that the theme service had stopped running.  I changed the recovery options on that service to automatically restart if it ever failed, and that seemed to fix that problem… For a while

Two weeks roll by and I get a call at work saying she cannot connect to the internet.  It seems that the DNS and DHCP services had stopped.  I set these and all other failed services to restart if they ever failed, and this seemed to address <i>this/<i> particular issue.

Then , yesterday, when my lovely wife <b>really</b> needed her laptop the laptop will boot normally and then require a restart as some service has failed and this one required the PC to reboot – which it proceeds to do.  The services I have noticed doing this are the Computer Browser service and Event Logging service….

I brought it in to work and am running the excellent Spybot S&D over it now. 

Oh, and the extra piece of information for you all is that I am running Windows Live OneCare.  Perhaps its time to ask Uncle Bill for my money back if Spybot actually finds something.

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