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Glad to have King Kev back

So for those of you who know me, you will know that I am a huge Newcastle United fan, its an english football (soccer) club. I have shared my frustrations with the lack of good EPL coverage on Comcast here in the USA. Well, up until recently, my team has not been having the best of times. But a new manager was appointed last week. Kevin Keegan. Keegan was the manager back when I was first a fan of the club. He brought them back into the premiership and almost brought them the title in 1996. He left suddenly a short time later.

Well now he is back. And I am very happy with this appointment, after not approving of the past few managers…

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Fraud Costs Bank $7.1 Billion – It was not me!

Fraud Costs Bank $7.1 Billion – New York Times:
I have had 3 people come up to me this morning, and ask me what I am doing with the 7.1 Billion I have defrauded out of the bank. Apparently the perpetrator, Jerome Kerviel, looks very much like me.
Usually when something like this happens, you check it out, and end up thinking that there is not really any similarity at all. In this case, I was like wow. It almost is me:

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Judy Case loses nomination vote and is booted off the California Air Resources Board

Just got news that the state senate have voted to not confirm the appointment of Judy Case to the state Air Resources Board.

Phew, we can all breathe easier in the valley. Literally.


Judy Case tries to lie her way onto California Air Resources Board

So, yesterday Fresno County Supervisor Judy Case decided to show her political colors by lying to a Senate Rules committee in order to further her political career and be confirmed in her appointement to the California Air Resources Board.

Luckily the committee saw through the thin disguise, and voted 3-2 to oppose the nomination.

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