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Half Blood Prince trailer…

Oooh I can’t wait… Thanks to Nick for this one.


Does Comcast really care?

So a couple of strange things happened today. First of all I had a comcast technician out again, and was griping about it on this blog. As you may have seen, I have griped about Comcast before, and a few people have commented about similar issues. What has never happened before, is that I got a response from Comcast.

I also noticed my twitter feed was being picked up by someone called Frank whose username was comcastcares. Interesting, perhaps Comcast has started trying to solve customer issues when they blog about them. Thats a clever approach, the oil goes to the squeeky wheel, and in the age of blogging, the impact of being a dissatisfied customer and a blogger can have negative impacts…

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Iphone not charging

“Optimizing iPhone Battery Life”

Many iPhone batteries not fully charging – iPhone Atlas.

After having an issue this morning with my iphone saying it was low on juice, but never recharging, I found the above page which helped me figure out how to fix it. (Restore the phone – it was a software glitch).


Sunstar reader responds to my letter!

A reader of my local paper sent a reply to my letter to the editor. Kind a nice to have some vindication of my thoughts that Merced City Council (generally) is full of morons, who are just looking after their own and don’t give a rats ass about anybody else.