More comcast woes

So, I have had comcast out today for the 4th time in as many weeks. I have been having video and data reception issues. A couple of weeks ago I was advised to replace my modem, which I dutifully did, but then this weekend was an internet free zone at the geekybrit household, as my modem was not working at all.

This morning, all is well, but I have to admit I am getting a little bit peeved with Comcast. The thing is tho, they are the only provider in my area that can provide fast enough internet speeds for me. DSL here is only 1.5 Mbps … ouch…

I look into Verizon FIOS just now, but there availablity checker page does not work for Mac, and I cannot be bothered to boot to Windows to to check something I already suspect: FIOS will not be in Merced until the middle of the century 🙁


  1. Comcast cares1 Said,

    July 21, 2008 @ 11:33 am


    I apologize for all your troubles.

    Please allow me to reach out to my contacts and escalate this for you. Please send me the phone number associated with account so that I can assist further.

    Thanks in advance for the opportunity to assist.

    Mark C.
    Comcast Corp.

  2. Stuart Said,

    July 21, 2008 @ 2:30 pm

    Interesting, perhaps comcast really does care…
    I do not usually respond to requests for my phone number, I have emailed Mr “C” all the same – just to see if this is for real.

  3. Does Comcast really care? » The Geeky Brit Said,

    July 21, 2008 @ 2:39 pm

    […] So a couple of strange things happened today. First of all I had a comcast technician out again, and was griping about it on this blog. As you may have seen, I have griped about Comcast before, and a few people have commented about similar issues. What has never happened before, is that I got a response from Comcast. […]

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