Tiredness can kill (good ideas)

It is widely accepted that if someone works long hours their productivy, effectiveness and mental agility drops substantially. This is most often seen with people who work 2 jobs.

A similar degredation is also be seen if someone is not getting the recomended 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

There are of course the exceptions to every rule, but Merced City Council last night proved to be no exception. When discussing the nomination to the planning council, it was suggested by John Carlisle to hold a candidates night where each applicant could talk briefly about their experience and qualifications for the post.

What a great idea; The council could make a better informed decision.

As it turned out only one nominee had attended the council meeting on Monday. When Melissa Kelly-Ortega spoke, she welcomed the idea of a candidates night and praised one of her fellow candidates (Larry Zuecher) who holds a PhD in land use management, and has consulted on 4 different city master plans (I am not sure how more qualified anybody could be for a planning commission).

But before the great idea that the Mayor pro-tempore’s idea could gain any traction, the effects of a long day and lack of sleep manifested itself. Council member Bill Spriggs commented that he saw no point in a candidates night, or indeed nominating anybody other than the incumbent Bob Acheson.

Unfortunatly, the tiredness and lack of sleep was obviously not solely affecting Mr Spriggs, as he motioned to renominate the incumbant which 3 other council members then supported. Loar, Carlise and Sanders had obviously kept themselves up to date with their “forty winks” as they voted against the nomination.

Here’s a thought, lets hold council meetings earlier in the day, and require a doctors note from each of the council members that shows that they have had enough rest, and are therforecompetent to make sound decisions.

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