From gangs to cell phones, 750 new laws come to California

My local paper is listing the new laws that come into effect tonight. A few of my favorites are:

* Pets: Domestic violence victims can now protect their pets by including them in a restraining order.
* Rock bands: Is that really the Drifters jamming on stage — or an impostor? A new law makes it easier to punish bands who deceptively impersonate other groups.
* Kangaroos: Soccer players will have an easier time buying shoes made from kangaroo leather. Until now, kangaroo products could not be sold in California.

And of course SB 719 comes into affect:

* Air: Find some more chairs for the next San Joaquin Valley air board meeting. Four new members — including two medical professionals — will join the board as soon as they are appointed by city councils and the governor.

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