Comcast still killing me

So a while ago I mentioned that I had been contacted by a comcast rep because of my gripes on this blog. Well, I had 2 individuals contact me, the second of which had a very senior sounding title.

We spoke at length about the issues I was having. It appears that each time I had a service rep out, they did not always record the fact that they visited my house. The Comcast representative mentioned that they only had 1 record of a service call, when I had somebody visiting 5 times within a 4 week period. It appears that the tech guys are a little lax with the paperwork.

Well, the rep assured me of a few things.
1. The service outages I have been having would not continue
2. The refund I had been promised in early July would appear soon on my bill
3. There would be some new content and hd channels in my area soon.

Well, I have to say, things haven’t panned out as expected. I have had 2 service outages since we spoke, and I have not received the refund as promised. They have also not added new hd channels, but I am prepared to give them a break on that one.

When my internet is out, I am really mad. I work remotely occasionally, and I am forced to drive to my local Starbucks to continue working when this does happen. The rep who I talked to tried to up sell me to the business package. I pointed out that if the regular line was flaky, how would the greater speeds help me?

I also got my DVR replaced recently aswell. I got the new DCH3416, which I have to say is a marked improvement on the previous DCM6314, it crashes less often. There, isn’t that great? You see what I am happy with? Something that crashes LESS often. That is crazy. Another glitch I have is when I play back my SD content with deinterlacing, sometimes the screen goes completely green (missed VOL anyone?). I have to manually switch the output from 480p to 480i and back again to get it to play. I tried calling Comcast about this one too, and when I explained the issue, they just wanted to replace my DVR. Seriously, I am on my 4th box now. I am getting tired of changing hardware. I said to my lovely wife yesterday, what to people do if they are not as savvy about these sort of things?

Anyway, I am now looking for a new tv / internet solution for reals. I think Comcast have messed me around for the last time. I don’t even care that it will be more expensive with satellite and dsl…


  1. Steve Mitchell Said,

    August 20, 2008 @ 4:16 pm

    Dude, buy a TiVO. It’s the “Mac” of DVRs.

  2. » Blog Archive » Comcast Disaster Continues Said,

    December 18, 2008 @ 9:02 pm

    […] fix this issue unless it is a different unit (or has fixed software on it). Others are also having problems with the Motorola DCH3416, and Comcast’s service in general by the sounds of […]

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