DirecTv Installation

DirecTv were meant to come and install today, but there turned out to be a few “issues” that means I am without tv tonight…

I was a little perturbed, and wrote the CEO an email explaining my frustration, and what had happened during the installation:

Dear Directv,

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No Heroics

A new TV comedy series ala “The Incredibles” is coming to the British tv channel ITV. Hopefully it will land on BBC America at some point. In the mean time check out the trailer below. It has some strong language and innuendo, so be warned:

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Choosing a new internet provider.

So when it comes to choosing an alternative to Comcast, the choice is a little more limited. Because of my internet troubles I have now chosen a new internet provider. AT&T DSL.

Well, I really only have 2 options for internet service- Comcast and AT&T. So when one service provider pisses me off, I have little choice. BUT it isn’t all that bad.

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I figured it out…

So I figured it out. At last. As you know, my cable experience has been less than stellar of late. My tv is frustrating (seriously the DVR is a POS). But my internet connection is what kills me. It is so flaky, and would randomly (or so it appeared) go out on me. I sometimes work from home, so when the internet dies – i have to relocate to a Starbucks. Not all bad, except I then have to pay for the internet as well as the coffee.

So the past few days have seen the internet drop out. It usually starts exhibiting issues around 3pm – slow downs etc. And then by 4 it is gone – only to reappear at about 7-8pm. I always plug my cable modem into every jack in the house to make sure it is not a line failure – and it never gets a signal. I have had Comcast out a few times – but they always show up in the morning. When it is working. The tech grumbles at me that if it ain’t broke he can’t fix it, and goes on his way. I can understand this, but doing nothing (a number of times) was starting to frustrate me.

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