DirecTv Installation

DirecTv were meant to come and install today, but there turned out to be a few “issues” that means I am without tv tonight…

I was a little perturbed, and wrote the CEO an email explaining my frustration, and what had happened during the installation:

Dear Directv,

After getting completely exasperated with Comcast, I finally decided to take the plunge and choose another provider for my TV viewing. I did extensive research and eventually chose DirecTv over Dish Network, mainly because of the excellent service I received during my research process.

When I ordered (around 9/9), I was given an installation date of 9/17 (today), which was later than I wanted but within a reasonable time frame. I was very careful to explain to the sales person the fact that my main tv is in the very center of my dwelling, and that running 2 cables (as required by the HD DVR) would be very hard. He assured me this would not be an issue, and that it was covered under standard installation mentioning a piece of equipment that no longer needs 2 wires (a SWM switch).

The sales person did not enquire about my roof construction material (tile), but did ask if I had a clear view of the southern sky (which I do).

So today, when the installation technician arrived (From Ironwood Communications) I was very disappointed to find out that they did not a) have the necessary mount to install on a tile roof, and b) have the required switch to run the satellite feed through a single wire as requested.

He rescheduled the appointment for an additional week (9/25) – or 16 days after ordering. I was disappointed and decided to call the installation help line. They gentlemen I spoke to there was sympathetic, but explained that there would be an additional cost by the installer, and the installers
are totally separate entities to DirecTv, and therefore Directv had no control over additional fees. When I explained that I had explicitly stated the layout of my house to the sales person when I ordered the service, and he had assured me that standard installation would cover this situation. The sales rep said the best he could do was to get the installer on the line, and determine the additional cost. I agreed thinking that the csr would stay on the line as well, but no, he just rerouted my call – without giving me the opportunity to request his name.

I spoke to a lady at Ironwood Communications who checked and assured me there would be no additional charge for the SWM module or the eave mount.

What really surprised me was the way the information I relayed to the sales guy was not on the order form the Ironwood communication installation technician had. I also was not aware the work was to be subcontracted, and was very surprised to hear that the CSR on the DirecTv helpline spent a lot of time explaining how the installer and DirecTv are separate. I consider this to be misleading as I ordered the installation through DirecTv and had the understanding the contract was between myself and DirecTv.

There does seems to be some miscommunication between the installers, the sales guys, and the CSR’s.

I really hope this is just a minor hiccough at the beginning of this service contract. However, now I am without TV service for 8 days, whilst I wait on the installation to proceed. Anything you can do to move up the appointment date would be really appreciated. I really do look forward to having
DirecTv as my tv provider.

The Geeky Brit

Well, within a couple of hours I had a lady from Chase Carey’s office (the Directv CEO). My installation has now been moved up to the day after tommorrow, all for free. I am finding it really pays to be polite, factual, keep records of who you speak to, and go straight to the top when needed.

Good job DirecTv, you have clutched at the last minute…


  1. Sean Rees Said,

    September 17, 2008 @ 2:32 pm

    Good to hear they came through for you. Hope your install goes well.

    I had similar difficulties with Dish Network when I moved to Fresno. They subcontract to a really bad company — LinkUs Communications — in Fresno (also, in San Luis Obispo, where I lived before). I had nothing but terrible service from them including missed appointments and installation failures.

    Luckily, with Dish, I had a choice of installer if I found another one. I found a shop in Clovis that came out same day and did the installation and billed it right back to Dish.

    If you continue to have issues with DirecTV, this approach might work for you too.


  2. Rich Said,

    November 6, 2008 @ 1:30 pm

    Read a book!!!!!!

  3. Elisa Latin Said,

    May 3, 2013 @ 12:53 am

    Whatever your choice may be, Directv seems to be the sports dominator! If you cannot not live without sports, then Directv is the clear winner! Hands Down! Imagine watching the football game with crystal clear clarity! Picture what your friends will say, when you have Directv, and they come over every sunday!::

    Best wishes

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