I have a wii!

On Saturday, because of my Harry Potter misery, I went looking for a Wii in the local stores. And would you “Adam and Eve” it I found one at Target!

Its great, its so much fun, its intuitive, and it has brought me great joy. I got the Wii (including Wii Sports) and Wii Play (with second controller). My brother in law and I had a blast yesterday playing for a number of hours. I think Wii Tennis and Wii Bowling are my favorite of the games that got bundled.

The platform has such a huge amount of potential, lets hope Nintendo will throw at this console the resources it deserves. The success they have enjoyed so far is largely due to the price difference between it and the PS3 / XBox 360, but the innovative control schema is also a huge factor. Indeed it was this, and the fact that most of my colleagues had bought one and raved about it, that inspired me to switch my desire from an 360 to a Wii. I am sure that at some point Microsoft and Sony will develop a controller that is similar to the Wiimote, but in my experience the first to market with a gizmo usually enjoy a great deal of success despite copy cat attempts.

I must thank wiitracker.com for being my friend over the past few weeks. I will now happily unsubscribe from their RSS feed, as their valuable services are no longer available. However, I strongly recommend them if you find yourself needing a wii 🙂

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