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So my buddy and I were having concerns on Friday that we would not receive our pre-ordered ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ books. Mr Crabapples reserved a copy with Borders, whereas I had ordered it through for delivery.

I had phoned, and was assured it would be with me on Saturday between 7am and 7pm. Mr C was not so lucky, as he could not find his order, and Borders told him they had no record of his purchase. I ended up expecting that I would receive the book, and be a number of chapters in before he managed to find one in a store somewhere. Of course, it had to happen. failed to deliver the book to me. At 8.30pm (I gave them a good chance) I called, and was informed that indeed it would not be delivered, and that I was entitled to a full refund, and a free copy of the book to be delivered on Monday. I was very disappointed, especially as I walked by copies on the shelves of local stores, as I trundled around town looking for something else.

However, they have done the right thing in giving me a full refund and a copy of the book regardless. Lets just hope that the book is waiting for me at home….


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