So seriously, how thin is thin?

The new MacBook Air is pretty thin. It has an awesome tv ad, which even my lovely wife think is pretty cool. It has a solid state hard drive. It has a lot of cool things.

But I think it is more interesting what it does NOT have. For example an optical drive and broadband wireless. I am not sure I could justify buying a laptop without an optical drive – yes even today when network storage is common everywhere you go. I mean, when you need to share a file when there is no network, and you have no usb key with you, there are always a couple of CD-R’s floating about?

Who knows, when it comes to buying a new machine later on this year, I may lobby for a Air, but more likely I will pick up one of the amazing iMac’s.

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  1. Steve Mitchell Said,

    February 14, 2008 @ 4:34 pm

    I got a MacBook for Monica yesterday. I gave the Air a passing look–but the lack of CD/DVD killed the idea. As a personal machine, she will need to burn CD’s and DVD’s of home movies.

    Maybe if it was “the worlds second thinest notebook–but at least it has an optical drive” sales would be just fine..

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