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Time to act on climate change (You too Republicans)

Our View: Time to act on climate change:

Skeptics of global warming are now working overtime to discredit and divert attention from the latest worrisome news about the planet’s feverish climate.

I agree with the author of this Opinion Editorial of my local paper. Traditionally those on the right in the US have been “Global Warming Deniers”. The tide is, I believe, turning with more prominent leaders coming out with such statements that accept the fact that Climate Change is a real issue. President Bush has acknowledged this fact for example.

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Comcast Where is TBS HD?

I only occasionally watch TBS. Now that it is the baseball playoffs, most of the games seem to be on TBS. I am being forced to watch in standard definition on my plasma. Not fun – I am too used to HD Baseball now. Comcast has rolled out TBS HD in some markets, but what about here in California.

I called Comcast, and the answer was: “TBS does not do HD yet”.

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Apple moves to Moorestown?

Wired Reports: Apple are looking at using Intel’s Moorestown platform for the next generation of iPhone.

So many people keep asking me if I will be dissappointed when Apple come out with the next rev phone in 2008. Well, the answer is yes, but I will not be upgrading – at least not until after 2 years. I love my iphone, and as Wifi is nearly everywhere I am not missing WiMax or 3g too much.

What would make me happy is for Mr Jobs to open the platform up so we can have some decent third party software apps. Unfortunatly, I disagree with him that Web 2.0 apps are sufficient. I want icons on my iphone screen, not bookmarks 3 levels down in Safari. Its the old adage that 3 clicks is far too many I am afraid…


Some People have way too much on the hands

I saw this on the fat penguin blog and had to share:

Give it a few moments to get going, but it is kinda funny…