Where are the great Wii games?

In this article William Usher comments on the distinct lack of top quality games for the Wii. I am really happy with my purchase, and love playing it when I can. But at some point I am going to tire of Wii Sports, and want to move on to something more involving.

I have a feeling my first purchase may be the Wii Harry Potter game (casting spells with the wiimote sounds to geeky to miss!), but other than that and a couple of sports games that I know I will purchase (Tiger Woods, Fifa, Madden) I am hearing of no real amazing titles coming in the future. I mean, where is the killer software title? Playstation had GTA, Xbox had Halo, and the new gen of Sony and Microsoft consoles have their own killer titles. Is Wii Sports it tho? Really? Come on Nintendo, you must realize that with the enourmous success you are having on the hardware sales side of things, you must come up with something special – oh and don’t count on everyone jumping onboard with buying a mario game. Alot of this new “non-gaming” crowd will not want to go there…

The success of the Wii will depend on the software, not the number of units Nintendo sells. Of course, the more units they sell the more games get developed. Lets just hope that there are a few gems in the crap that is on its way.

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