Spam a lot…

So today I booted up my Mac, and started entourage. Since I checked last night, my hotmail account had received over 500 messages. All of it offering me various ways of increasing the size of certain things, or telling me that there are certain uniquely talented individuals living nearby who would be more than happy to meet up with me.

I am amazed. I remember a few days ago visiting some web pages to unsubscribe from certain emails. I am aware that sometimes these are scams and are actually just mail registers, but I really wanted to stop receiving some of the mail I was getting and I thought they were legit companies. Perhaps this is the cause?

Who knows. As I sit here and wait Entourage and the hotmail servers are sifting through my inbox and sorting out the junk, but I will still need to verify all of the messages are junk – which is a royal pain.

At this point I am thinking Hotmail’s spam filters, the ones before the inbox, did not do their job. I will write more if this turns out to be the case…

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  1. Stuart Said,

    July 13, 2007 @ 6:44 am

    It appears that all of the mail has dates in the past. Ranging from 7/7 2005 to 8/19/2005. Perhaps the hotmail spam traps have been burst open with all previous mail being sent to the inbox. Whatever the cause this piece if information has made it easy for me to clean up my inbox.

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