Problems with iphone? I still want one…

Some users are experiencing issues with the iphone dying after a few days. Does this put me off? Does this reduce the lust that I have for this amazing little device?

No, it does not.

My colleague was among the lucky few to snaffle up an iphone on release day, and he was showing it off the other day. Wow, its nice. Its smaller than I thought, but thats a good thing (for a change). Its screen is amazing. Really amazing. And I think I have convinced my lovely wife, that along with a wii, there is an iphone in my short term future.

The next question is whether to go for the 4Gb, or the 8Gb model. I mean, $100 difference on a $500 purchase does not seem a lot. But $500 vs $600… Will I really miss the extra 4Gb?

I posed this question to my lovely wife, and she looked at me, smiled, and said: “You’ll get the more expensive one. You always do”…

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