County Supervisor Mike Nelson and Socialists

Letter to the Editor: Don’t mix and match:
Editor: On June 26, along with several other individuals and groups, I addressed the Merced County Board of Supervisors as part of a public hearing to consider two minor subdivision applications. After the public hearing period was closed, Supervisor Mike Nelson made the following comment: “I am glad to see that there are socialists alive and well in Merced County.”

Ya know, I hate it when public officials deem it necessary to insult the general public. I mean, it doesn’t matter whether I would agree or disagree with the comments made in this letter, when a person is elected into office they immediately have to represent all those in their electoral district, not just those who voted for them. I have come across Merced County Supervisor Mike Nelson a number of times and have been saddened by his obvious contempt of those who disagree with him, and his sarcasm that strikes me as bigoted not as funny. On the other hand he has always been cordial with me, which is something I obviously appreciate and respect. It just seems that when someone expresses a viewpoint counter to his, he stops listening and exhibits the other less becoming behaviors I have mentioned.

Mike, wake up. You are elected to office to represent all of your district. This includes “Socialiasts”, “Environmentalists“, and even the people who didn’t vote for you. Please stop making such comments in the derisive manner they are delivered, and start working for the common good. Oh and give up your claim to the sick pay you think you are entitled to.

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