When did Environmentalist become a bad word?

In this letter to the Editor: Merced thinks small, the writer is for the building of the Wal-Mart distribution center near my house.

The issue has caused a split in opinion across our community. However, the interesting thing was the guy uses the word “environmentalist” in a negative way.

The question I have is when did this become a bad word? I mean I understand that some people are put off by “Eco-Warriors” as they like to be called, but the writer here has used the term in a way as being synonymous with “left wing” or “liberal”. I do not believe that being conservative, or pro business means that you can not care for the environment. Perhaps I can point out California’s governor here: Arnie has been a bastion for the environmental cause, as well as being a conservative.

Lets not confuse the issue here. Environmentalist does not mean Democrat, Liberal, or anything else. It means a person who is concerned with or advocates for the protection of the environment. Fin

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