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Tony Blair félicite Nicolas Sarkozy

Kind of interesting the Tony Blair chose to congratulate the new President elect…

…oh and in French too.

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How to resize a XP virtual hard disk in Parallels

So on my lovely MacBook Pro, I occasionally have to run some windows programs.

To do this I do not use the much talked about Apple BootCamp, I use a very good program called Parallels.  This provides me with the ability to run a windows program whilst I am in OSX.

Recently I ran out of disk space and was forced to resize the Virtual HDD that the Windows sits on.  Luckily Parallels ships with a utility to do this call “Paralells Image Tool”.  So I dutifully ran it, added an extra 8 gig to the image size, and then “rebooted” my virtual machine. Read the rest of this entry »


Seyed Sadredin says Merced has “virtually” clean air!

Last night at the Merced City Council meeting Mr Seyed Sadredin of the Valley Air District gave the city council a 30 minute presentation about the recent decision to reclassify the valleys 8 hour ozone pollution compliance to extreme.


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New French President elect Sarkozy looks like Monk

Has anyone else in the blogosphere noticed how the new French President elect Nicolas Sarkozy  looks like the  television character Monk?

 Fruitbasket Img Db Pics 659 Trilogy Images Monk-Ii Sarkozy---189 Images Monk3-Thumb

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