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Rob said:

"Here in the San Joaquin Valley it’s tough to find great tech jobs. Pelco, where I’ve been for the past two years, is the cream of the crop. Since I started there I’ve seen giant changes within our organization, all for the good. We have a fantastic V.P. over our division and we reorganized the team a little over a year ago to better realize our goals. It’s been interesting and quite challenging; I’m on my third project since arriving."

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He is absolutely right that Pelco is the only choice for coders in the valley.  It is growing fast!  I have been working there for a couple of years longer than Rob, but remember when Uncle Greg’s department was just a few guys.  Now we are numbering in our hundreds and hiring more and more.  We have  attracted a lot of great talent recently, and we need to keep the flow coming.

My specialty is Multimedia Codecs and Media Transmission protocols – which is pretty important in the digital CCTV business.  The work we do is so different from anywhere else in that we flip traditional media on its head – we do "many to one" media streaming rather than "one to many".  We need people with experience in MPEG4 Parts 2,7 and 10, RTP, RTSP etc.  We need these people to bring their expertise and creativity to help us continue to lead the world in what we do.

One final comment:  Many of you might be wondering who Pelco is.  I hate to use a Star Wars analogy, but as I am a self confessed geek:

Pelco is like the force.  You usually do not see it, but it surrounds us and keeps us safe.

Next time you are at a Airport or casino, look at the CCTV cameras.  Odds are you are being protected by Pelco.

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