Thanks Microsoft!

In the space of a few days I have received two gifts from Microsoft. I received Windows Vista Home Premium, and Office 2003 Professional!

It amazes me how much power a blog can have, I am presuming that Bill was reading my blog, as is his want, and noticed a couple of my blog entries (OneCare, Apple). He obviously decided to appease my frustrations, and send me these “wonderful” pieces of software…

…Or it was that phone survey I partook in a few months ago, coupled with a free upgrade to vista when I purchased my wife’s shiny new laptop…

I am going with my initial conclusion.

You know the funny thing is I ordered Office 2007 Ultimate for my wife’s laptop in the middle of the week, so now I have an extra copy of Office (2003 – as she wants the 2007) and an extra copy of Vista which I have no intentions of installing anywhere until the “festival of fixes” aka SP1 is released.

Well, thanks anyway Microsoft. Next time can you send me a copy of Mac OS X Leopard?

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