“Review: Apple TV Just Plain Works”

“Review: Apple TV Just Plain Works”: “Edward N. Albro reviews the Apple TV for PC World, writing, ‘It’s the first media streaming device I could imagine recommending to a non-geek.’

To say that Apple TV is the world’s best media streaming device could be considered faint praise, the tech equivalent of calling someone the world’s tallest midget.”

Now if they only would see the Apple TV software to run on a MacMini, I would definitly buy it… The lack of Divx support in Apple TV is the killer for me. If a MacMini version was available, I could stream my Divx Files from the disk. I could also use a USB TV card and create a PVR AppleTv. Couple this with Darwin Streaming Server, and I could have my very own Slingbox!

Come on Steve, you know it makes sense…

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  1. Stuart Said,

    March 23, 2007 @ 12:10 pm


    Maybe I spoke too soon regarding the DivX support.

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