Apple TV vs MacMini

My work buddy diatoid just purchased a MacMini for use in the living room, and is pretty happy with using it as a home entertainment system – especially as we just figured out how to stream DivX movies from his linux server to the FrontRow interface: You just mount a network drive and create a symlink from the /Volumes/MountedShare in your /Users/username/Movies/ folder.

I have been pondering a Home PC / Network Entertainment system for a while, especially since I have a load of DivX movies (legal backups). Wouldn’t it be nice to play movies on your big screen plasma just like playing from a DVD jukebox? What about streaming music?

This article has got me thinking. It has a great (and realistic) comparison between the two Apple options – MacMini and AppleTV. The last few lines describing the spouse factor are very interesting. My lovely wife is far from geeky (but very beautifull), and sometimes needs a lot of prodding to allow me to add new technology to our home. Usually the old “waste of money” line gets played – which – I suppose – is usually true…

Perhaps diatoid can comment on his spouses feelings on the MacMini in the living room?

Any tips for spousal coercion on the tech front would also be appreciated.

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  1. girl on the stairs Said,

    March 25, 2007 @ 4:33 pm

    I can comment on feelings of having the MacMini in the living room. I am the spouse of Diatoid and I must say I do enjoy having the MacMini in the living room. I enjoy the ease it makes in watching DivX movies (legal back ups). Instead of having to try and watch things in the den where we have the computers, we can sit on are comfy couch and enjoy a bigger screen. I also enjoy the idea that once the MacMini is connected to the T.V., the T.V. becomes one big monitor. If you add a wireless keyboard and mouse, it’s a great computer set up right in your living room. I definitely think this will come in handy when we have kids. We can let them use the computer in the living room where we can keep track of sites they are visiting and what they are doing online.

    My advice for spousal coercion regarding technology is this: If you can relate the item that you want to making your spouses’ life easier it is a definite plus and possibly an easier sale. Now that we have the MacMini in the living room I don’t have to wait for Diatoid to burn anything to DVD. I am very impatient, so this helps me.
    It will also help your sale of the item if it looks good, is small or is minimally invasive where ever it is placed, and noise can often be a concern, the quieter the better. With the MacMini, it’s small, looks very sleek so it blends well around the living room and to top it off, it is very quiet.

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