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Judy Case tries to lie her way onto California Air Resources Board

So, yesterday Fresno County Supervisor Judy Case decided to show her political colors by lying to a Senate Rules committee in order to further her political career and be confirmed in her appointement to the California Air Resources Board.

Luckily the committee saw through the thin disguise, and voted 3-2 to oppose the nomination.

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Still Sick

So over the holidays I got sick. I was actually in Disneyland, and got to spend more time in the hotel room, than playing with Mickey.

But I have this lingering cough that won’t go away. I am mad, because I got my flu shot and everything! But I suppose, looking around me there is a lot going around.


McCain and Clinton make a comeback

So New Hampshire thinks differently from Iowa. Go figure.

Again, I have to voice my dislike of this whole primary system. When you register to vote you have to register a party preference. Which, in my opinion, takes away the anonymity aspect of free and fair elections. Yes, yes, I know you can register to be Independent, but doing so will disallow you to vote in some states primary. It also is an indication of some preference (in this case none). I would prefer that there be no requirement to register a preference, and then you get to vote in the party primary of your own choice.


Australia/New Zealand 2007: An expose on tour guides

Hi there. The Lovely Wife here with my first blog post. I’ve heard a lot about this blog and decided to finally contribute something to it given that my name may have come up a few times in passing.

As you may have read previously, my hubby and I have just completed a whirlwind 3-week trip to Eastern Australia and the South island of New Zealand. After lots of discussion, analysis and jokes about the quality of our various tours we took I volunteered to sum up our impressions of the fearless, and sometimes surreal, personas that have braved the waters of the tour guide world. It can be a harsh world out there and everyone is a critic so hold on to your hats cause we aren’t short on opinions around here!

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