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Indiana Indiana!

Ok so check out the awesome trailer…. Nuff said.


Zend Framework makes php nice

So recently whilst looking for some php niceness, I came across the Zend framework.

Wow, I like it. Most frameworks I have seen require you to essentially rewrite your existing code to fit in with a certain design pattern. Zend allows you to use the functionality as a library, and gives you the option to integrate their MFC model. The option is just that. There is no requirement to use it. But the amount of inbuilt and upcoming functionality is very impressive. JSON, OpenId, Auth, validation … the list is long, check it out here.

This stuff is very nice, and if you like/use/dislike PHP I recommend you check this out.


Super Tuesday

So whilst Sean was having fun with his Colorado Caucuses!, I got to sit by once again, and advise my lovely wife how to vote. Whilst I am a legal resident, without being a citizen I cannot vote. Yes folks, even marrying a US citizen and living here for numerous years, paying taxes and being a valued member of the community does not get you automatic citizenship, and more importantly today, the right to vote.

How would I have voted? Probably the same way as my lovely wife did, but of course, I will not presume to have her permission to share that vote with you!

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Judy Case loses nomination vote and is booted off the California Air Resources Board

Just got news that the state senate have voted to not confirm the appointment of Judy Case to the state Air Resources Board.

Phew, we can all breathe easier in the valley. Literally.