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A Spidey suit please…

The BBC reports that a real life spider man suit should be possible.

This goes straight to the top of my Christmas list then.


Comcast FAQ made me laugh

Whilst looking for information about Tivo on Comcast’s website I came across this FAQ entry.

I propose we replace all tech support FAQ’s with just that answer 😉


Band of Brothers

So on Saturday I did something I do not do very often. Nothing.

I stayed in bad past 8 am. I got up and watched the Newcastle v Aston Villa game on Fox Soccer Channel, and then I settled in to watch Band of Brothers on DVD.

This TV series is one of the best ever made. I think it should be compulsory viewing for all of us under the age of 60 i.e. Those of us who maybe do not appreciate what those amazing men and women endured in the 1940’s.

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Optical Illusion of the day

Heres on for you all:

Indeed I did check using photoshop…

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