Band of Brothers

So on Saturday I did something I do not do very often. Nothing.

I stayed in bad past 8 am. I got up and watched the Newcastle v Aston Villa game on Fox Soccer Channel, and then I settled in to watch Band of Brothers on DVD.

This TV series is one of the best ever made. I think it should be compulsory viewing for all of us under the age of 60 i.e. Those of us who maybe do not appreciate what those amazing men and women endured in the 1940’s.

I was moved to tears (again) at some of the scenes, especially when the real men of Easy Company commented on the real life events. I think that is what made the difference for me. The stories are real, and the people are real. Indeed many of those heroes are still alive today, and they are sadly unappreciated by generations of those kids who never understood why they get to choose their own destinies (for the better or for the worse).

I am asking my lovely wife for the book this fine miniseries was based on. I am sure like any book, it will be head and shoulders better than the movie… Which in this case was fantastic.

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