Redcliffe Cafe

After the glowworm caves we decided to eat at the famous Redcliffe café. In the small town of Te Anau, this is the best place to eat. The LOTR cast thought so too, and their autographs, cards and thank yous are on display to prove it. We had a lovely meal, which was only spoilt by the sloppy service.

The food really was marvelous, a fantastic menu, and an obviously talented chef. However, the service received was pretty terrible. 3 times I had to go looking for someone to fill our drinks (They never once took the initiative and asked us), and once we had completed our main courses, my lovely wife and I looked at the (admittedly few) morsels remaining on our plate for 25 minutes, before I decided to go and find a member of staff to clear up. At this point, however tempting the sweet menu was, we need to to get to bed as we had an early start in the morning, and couldn’t afford any more time wasted.

It really is a shame, and I hope my experience here was just a fluke, as the place has a wonderful charm, and like I said, the food was sublime. However, because of the poor service, the Redcliffe Café is pushed out of the top spot for places to eat in New Zealand.

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