Johnstone River Crocodile Farm

We soon left the swamp, and were on our way to the Johnstone River Crocodile Farm. I have mentioned before how the Aussies know how to do Zoology, well this place blew me away. This was the raw edge.

As we arrived, the owner and his small team greeted us. Mick, the owner, had a pronounced limp, and he and I got talking pretty much immediately. He was such a great guy, asking where I was from, and as we walked, asking me if I was interested in working there! I was not quite sure if he was serious or not (You can never tell with Aussies), but either way as we approached the first crocodile, I had made up my mind. Hell no.

Gregory, the crocodile, is huge.


I got to play with some snakes:



And then i got to hold a baby croc!


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  1. Stuart Said,

    November 30, 2007 @ 5:26 am

    There seems to be a problem with youtube processing this video. I will try again at some point in the future. Apologies.

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