Kangaroos all over!

On our way down from the Blue Mountains we visited Featherdale Wildlife Park. Both my lovely wife and I were just expecting a regular zoo, and was very much looking forward to it. What we actually got to experience was so much better.


Basically, it’s a zoo where you just wander around sharing the same space with the animals. That’s right, kangaroos, wallabies, emu’s, koala’s and many many kinds of brids ust wander with you. It was amazing! We got to buy some food to give to the animals, and they were not shy in coming right up to us to nibble away at the tasty treats. It was really, really special. There were still cages for some animals, such as the Cassarowys (a carnivorous bird the size of an ostrich), the various tropical birds, the saltwater crocodiles, and the snakes (thank god), but other than that it was a free for all!

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