Watching a drunk driver get arrested and then freed…

On Friday on the way home from my lovely wife’s birthday dinner we saw a number of police vehicles in our neighborhood. We also saw a female getting given the police sobriety test. An article in our local paper explains what had occurred.

It turns out there was a hit and run accident, with a female perpetrator, Diana Almanza. This individual had just last week committed the same offense (DUI and hit and run), and was let go after a night in jail. Then on Friday, she committed the exact same offense, and would you believe it, hit the same vehicle as she did last week!

The police arrested Almanza, but she was release “on her own recognizance about 5:30 a.m” the next morning… Erm, she was released? After 2 DUI’s and a hit and run in the same week? Give me a break. That is ridiculous. She should still be in jail…

She is a good friend of the current Mayor (Ellie Wooten). I am left wondering 2 things:
1. Does Merced PD just have a weak DUI policy
2. Does knowing the mayor help you in these circumstances.

Time will tell…

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  1. Randall Said,

    October 14, 2007 @ 12:37 pm

    I was just posting a little while ago about our Merced Police dept. I put my blog address in the link (URI) box if you would like to read about other things the police are not enforcing. Mayor Wooten promised us “Actions, not words” but that certainly has not been so in my case and apparently I am going to have to sue the city to make the discrimination against my disabilities stop! Its not fair to the citizens of Merced so when I do, I intend to instruct the attorney to use whatever I get awarded back into non-profit orgs so it does not take away from the community. I don’t want blood money for the harm they’ve caused, I want justice and they’re discrimination to stop so I can concentrate on getting work done to rebuild my life. I am a good artist and yet am robbed of my home so much that it just robs me of work time, sleep and my very home, not to mention the slashed tires, smashed windshield and retaliations because the police not doing their job emboldens the criminals & gangs!

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