California Wildfires

At a lunch I attended today Scott McNealy (CEO Sun Microsystems) listed his top 10 things to do with California. I think it was number 7 which caught my attention: Earthquakes, Mudslides and Wildfires.

Of course that is particuar pertinent at the present when so many wildfires are raging in southern California.

I witnessed these first hand on Sunday as I drove north, and I was meant to share the photos. So here they are:

California Wild fire
The first site my lovely wife and I got of the fires

Magic Mountain Wildfire
Yes, the magic is missing from Magic Mountain this day

Tunnel of smoke
This looks like a huge funnel of smoke, and it is…

California Fire Grapevine
Approaching an area on fire, and my lovely wife’s hand

Grapevine wildfire
Closer still. Look carefully and you can see the fire

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