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The happiest place on earth…

My lovely wife and I had a lovely time this weekend in Disneyland. Our plan was to hit the usual stuff if we could, California Screamin’, Space Mountain, Indy etc. But we also wanted to go on a few rides and see some shows that we have done before…

Img 0050

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How to land yourself a Geek guy

For those of you jealous of my lovely wife, I found this site that documents how to find your very own lovable geek.

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I know I haven’t written about my recent iphone purchase. But I will soon (promise) in the mean time, I found this ad on youtube for the upcoming zune phone:


A different view of Iraq

I tend not to blog about Iraq nowadays, as it is such a divisive issue. However, I came across this article on Michael Totten’s blog.

Michael Totten is an independent journalist that writes on middle east politics. He is currently embedded with US forces in Iraq.

“Violence has declined so sharply in Ramadi that few journalists bother to visit these days. It’s “boring,” most say, and it’s hard to get a story out there – especially for daily news reporters who need fresh scoops every day. Unlike most journalists, I am not a slave to the daily news grind and took the time to embed with the Army and Marines in late summer.”

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