World’s fastest government department

I have found the UK Government department that really deserves recognizing for their speed and efficiency.

My lovely wife and I are planning a wonderful trip to Australia and New Zealand later this year. My UK passport was due to expire in early 2008, but it was advised that we have at least 6 months left on a passport from date of entry into Australia.

So last Monday I sent my application second day air to the British Embassy in Washington DC. Yesterday, I received a phone call from UPS saying I needed to be at home to take delivery of a “sign on delivery” package, on Monday morning. I could not believe, that they had processed my package so fast. So I was expecting a nice (blunt) letter that told me how I had filled in my application wrong, and how to re-apply. I even joked with my lovely wife how amazing it would be if it was actually my completed passport.

At 8.30 am UPS knocked on my door, and delivered the package. To my surprise, it was indeed my new passport.

They sent it to me second day air also. So if they received the package on Wednesday, they had processed it by Thursday, and sent it out the same day. Does this seem like an amazing turnaround for a government department or what?

My lovely wife had renewed her passport as well, and had even paid extra to have it expedited, and that still took 3 and a half weeks!

Thank you to the staff of the British Embassy in Washington DC for a job well done!

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