Pelco is in great shape, Come join us!

The Pelco acquisition I reported earlier confirms the rumors that we had been hearing for many weeks turned out to be pretty accurate after all. It was a pretty interesting time here at Pelco, and will no doubt the future will continue to be interesting.

I wish I could have blogged about this before, but many things had prevented this. Not least of which was the fact that my employers did not want any information to be on the internet. I have been kept very busy because impact of this of late, and am looking forward to finishing the new line of products I have been working on for the past few months. More on this another time (after launch). Now is an exciting time to be at Pelco, and I strongly encourage anyone looking for tech work in the central valley to apply for jobs here. Not only are we still hiring (and will be for a while trust me), the future for engineering is very bright because of the acquisition.

Now we are a part of a public company, perhaps we can enroll in an employee stock purchase program… Only time will tell. The good news for now is that Schneider Electric has a good understanding of what we are doing with technology and will no doubt be creating great opportunities to expand our business. One of the most interesting parts of the deal is that Pelco is inheriting an arm of TAC (Schneiders subsidiary) to include in own branding, so it is like Pelco has made an acquisition at the same time. I am very excited about working with all the new divisions of the group, and see many great product opportunities in the future – my mind is spinning with ideas right now!

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