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“Hat tip” to rob for this link about what it means for an american company to be sold to a foreigner.

Ya know I had been wondering about whether we would have to rename our fries, toast, and cafe. After 2003 when France spoke out against the US led invasion of Iraq, the company went to some weird extremes to disassociate themselves with anything french. Renaming anything (it seems) with the word “France” or “French” in it. Thus the birth of our Freedom Fries etc.

Now with the acquisition, I wonder how long it will be until we have to change the names back….

I have also loved hearing about how the customer service culture in Europe echoes our Pelco culture. I doubt anyone making these statements has ever really experienced life in europe the same way some of us have, but take it from me. The sort of customer service we offer at Pelco blows away anything that French, German or British companies do. We are unique, and it makes us special. Really. I challenge anyone to go into a restaurant in Paris, and try and order a meal without being sneered at. I find it a fun gamer to play whenever I am in that beautiful city, which to be honest with you is spoilt on the French 😉

Anyway, here is to some interesting times ahead! I am excited.

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  1. Sean Rees Said,

    August 2, 2007 @ 7:10 pm

    In our department meeting (Imaging Engineering), it was said that Dave McDonald quietly acknowledged/mumbled that he’d have to (re)start saying ‘french fries.’

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