“A Great Mobile Phone”

“A Great Mobile Phone”:

Calling its user interface “simplicity itself,” Bob LeVitus (Houston Chronicle) praises iPhone. “It’s easier to use than any phone before it, and it introduces a fantastic new feature known as “Visual Voicemail,” which lets you browse through all of your voice messages on screen and listen to them in any order.” As an iPod, LeVitus adds, iPhone offers “the best video functionality ever in an iPod. Everything — movies, TV shows, photos, video podcasts, and album art — looks absolutely fantastic on the high-res display.” And “speaking of screens, iPhone’s is huge, gorgeous, and touch-sensitive,” providing “rich, deeply saturated colors at an ultra-high resolution which adds up to a sharp picture.”

I played with my colleagues IPhone some more today, and was even more impressed. It is by far the slickest “gadget” I have ever seen. Apple has really done a fantastic job, and deserve the praise they are getting.

The only gripe I have is that I have to increase my contract monthly price by $20 in order to get an IPhone, this covers the unlimited web and email. This irks me somewhat as I did not need the email functionality (I already have my blackberry for this), and the web functionality is not needed as most places I spend anytime at have freely available Wifi access points. If I do need internet access, I can always use my Blackberry. However, I am told that as long as I activate the phone with the contract option, I can at a later date disable the unlimited data… So maybe thats the way to go.

Either way, the IPhone will be my next purchase after I have a wii. Perhaps my lovely wife will get me one for my birthday (hint)…

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