Someone’s cleaning the air (and its my lovely wife)

This was sent to the Merced Sun Star today:

Letter to the Editor: Someone’s cleaning the air:

Editor: I would just like to thank the MMCAC (Merced/Mariposa County Asthma Coalition) for their very kind words of encouragement. And, God bless them and every one of their beloved associates for what they are doing in Fresno and in Sacramento in the neverending battle to improve our air quality! It has been a very long, lonely struggle for me with folks telling me all my life that my ideas of using something other than fossil fuels to power vehicles would never be more than a futuristic pipe dream.

My lovely wife is the Program Manager for the Merced / Mariposa County Asthma Coalition, and it is nice to hear how the public appreciates her and the coalition’s efforts. On behalf of my wife, I would like to say “Your Welcome”.

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